Build confidence. Heal anxiety. Be happy. 

Hi You - I'm Liz!

I'm a creatively


Hypnosis Practitioner

specializing in 


Image by Thom Holmes

"What is a Creatively Influenced Hypnosis Practitioner?"

Well, It's just me!

I'm a master hypnotist as well as a musician, actor and writer. Creativity influences growth and healing in so many ways... which is why I've decided to combine creative action with hypnosis - and believe me when I tell you it is a magical and unique way to use your mind, body and spirit to build self-confidence, self-acceptance, and peace of mind.


um, what?"

Ok, Ok... here's what we will do:


Intuitive Movement 

Sound Healing

Mind Strength Exercises


"Intriguing! I definitely want to use my creative mind to gain self-confidence, and to feel at ease.

Tell me more..."

Image by Mayur Gala

Be happy.


Open up your intuition and inner wisdom.

Balance your body and mind.


View the "bigger picture" with a new perspective.


Gain confidence in your relationships.


Release negative energy.

Clear limiting beliefs about self.


Find the courage to forgive.


Gain confidence to pursue your passions.


Work through things that compromised your self-esteem.


Learn to speak up for yourself.


Eliminate insecure thoughts that keep you up at night.

Learn the art of remaining present.

Accept yourself.

Sessions for locals 
in my lovely office
Sessions for non-locals 
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