about liz.

not your average hypnotherapist.

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I'm Liz and I'm a creatively driven Hypnosis Practitioner. My office is in Colorado but I work with clients near and far. 

My goal is to guide you to grow authentically, confidently, energetically, spiritually and creatively so you can feel comfortable within yourself and within your perception of your world around you.

I'm here because of my own growth, my own challenges, my own obstacles, my own creativity, my own experience with consciousness-expanding states of mind, my own self-love and my own life experiences.

I practice self-hypnosis and / or meditate almost everyday. It has changed my life.

Having attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, I am lucky to be a Certified Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, which holds a high level of standards, including required continuing education. I'm always learning more and loving it!

Additionally, I attended Wagner College where I studied musical theater performance and I've also been part of improv groups in Colorado. I write music, play piano and sing. Immersing myself in these crafts puts me into a state of hypnosis - the ultimate flow state of focus and creativity.


I believe the best way to exist is to be the best version of yourself. At healthy heights, we can all stand tall with confidence. I look forward to assisting you in paving a path to your own success.

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