Mind Over Matter: The Power of Hypnosis

If our reality is unique to us, can we change the pieces of it that don't make us healthy and happy? Yes!

Everything we've stored in our minds connects us to our version of reality and influences our decisions and behaviors. But there are decisions we’ve made about life that aren’t serving us.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. And guess what? Despite what you may have heard, everyone has the ability to respond to it! As humans, we typically go into a light trance at least a few times a day. When we listen to our favorite songs, get lost in a good book, exercise, or do something we really love, we are often in trance.

When we purposefully enter a state of hypnosis for the means of therapy, we are able to use insightful imagery and positive suggestions to reclaim control of our thoughts. We are able to bypass our inner analytical voice so the subconscious mind can easily saturate these creative techniques.

Like the programming of a computer, we have created scripts for each event that has occurred in our lives. A computer programmer can change the code to create a newer, better, smarter and more efficient version of the software. Well, so can we. We can rewrite our scripts. We can reprogram our thoughts. We can navigate through our significant life events and fully reframe how we view them. We can assess all the pieces of us that need healing, and from there, reframe our whole perception of reality.

And that’s not all. Using the power of hypnosis contributes to our physical health, as it strengthens our immune systems, lowers our cortisol levels, accelerates healing, and empowers us to generally improve or reverse physical issues.

So again, if our reality is unique to us, can we change the pieces of it that don't make us healthy and happy?

Yes. Absolutely. And it’s rewarding.

We are the masters of our thoughts. We set the rules of our lives. Our minds are what make the magic. Hypnosis is just the tool – actually, let me “reframe” that. Hypnosis is the quickest, most effective self-­help tool known to humanity. And it allows us to unleash our own inner resources. So we. Can heal. Ourselves.

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