Past Life Therapy: Maybe So, Maybe Not

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I laid in the recliner chair with prompts from my hypnotherapist to go into the life where my desire to explore the mind began.

But the life that my mind led me to was something totally different.

Up until I started practicing self-hypnosis on a regular basis, I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain.

On the day of my second past-life session, I had a severe flare-up of neck and shoulder pain. I couldn’t get comfortable in the chair until I was induced into hypnosis.

The prompt throughout the induction process:

“Go into the past life where you found your desire to explore the mind”

“Go into the past life where you found your desire to explore the mind”

“Go into the past life where you found your desire to explore the mind.”

Well, that is NOT where I went.

Where did I go? Greece.

Without getting into too much detail about my experience, at one point I was tied to a pillar with my wrists together and my shoulders hunched for many days. The extreme pulling on my shoulder muscles was excruciating and the pinching of my neck was agonizing.

When I woke from the dream state (that is hypnosis) and back into 2019 consciousness, my neck and shoulder pain was entirely gone. I wiggled around in the chair, stood up, stretched, and I was completely comfortable.

It was mind-blowing, as the depths of our minds are.

That said: “Do you believe in past lives?”

"Yes!" "No way!" "Maybe?" "I don't know..." are all answers I've heard.

I can’t be the person to tell you past lives exist or not. I cannot say with absolute certainty that anything is or isn’t real and also, what I believe isn’t relevant to the work I do.

What I can tell you is this: whether you believe past lives are real or not, the therapy itself is real.

And here’s why:

Past life therapy is a portal into viewing different versions of ourselves to learn lessons, assess behaviors, and cope with challenges.

It allows us to see what we need to see in order to heal in this version of reality. There are secrets we hide, fears we are resistant to, and regrets we hope to forget. There are lessons that we want to learn but don’t want to face.

Well, seeing another interpretation of ourselves living in another version of existence (past life or not) can be a link to accepting and processing our current reality.

Whether you believe in past lives, other dimensions, religion, spirituality, or nothing at all, your subconscious mind can show you insights so you can grow as a person.

In the session, information is being gathered so, together, you and the hypnotherapist can reframe your limiting beliefs about yourself from that life and use them to feel better in this one.

But hey, only you can see your stories, assess your memories, and perceive your reality as you do.

Just know that the cause-and-effect karma patterns we travel with can be ironed out. The subconscious mind can do whatever we want. And when we start directing it, the mystery unfolds. And boy, is it fun.

Past lives: maybe so, maybe not.

Past life therapy: yes, times 100.

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