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Helping you help yourself.

Transform you into a new, confident, happier and healthier version of yourself. Maybe you’ve been feeling sad because you lack a healthy amount of self-esteem. Maybe you feel like you’re doing pretty good but would like to be even more confident. Either way, this transformative experience is for you. Hypnosis is relaxing, eye-opening, therapeutic, fun and life-changing. You may not believe it yet, but you are already wise, intuitive, strong and beautiful. You are already a healer - your own healer - and working with me will empower you to realize it.

Stand Tall Program : 8 Sessions of Awesomeness


will include:


Intuitive Movement

Sound Healing


Mind(ful) Exercises


A deep trance state (also known as meditation) to creatively calm the mind and reverse negative thoughts and feelings in a beautiful way.

Simple gestures to associate mind and body for a shift in adverse muscle / cellular memory.

Ultimate relaxation and energy shift with the vibration and ambient sounds of vibrating sound bowls.

Character acting to view things from an outside perspective.

(Example): "what type of person would be confident in this situation?"

Prompting new ways of thinking in a fun way.

(Examples): word games & thought-provoking puzzles

Lesson on some basics of how the mind works in relation to changing your perspective and reframing how you view yourself.

Be happy.


Open up your intuition and inner wisdom.

Balance your body and mind.


View the "bigger picture" with a new perspective.


Gain confidence in your relationships.


Release negative energy.

Clear limiting beliefs about self.


Find the courage to forgive.


Gain confidence to pursue your passions.


Work through things that compromised your self-esteem.


Learn to speak up for yourself.


Eliminate insecure thoughts that keep you up at night.

Learn the art of remaining present.

Accept yourself.


What you can expect from me:







Smiling Face


Sense of humor!

Guidance to Grow

Artsy mind journeys

Conscious Expansions

An Outside Perspective 


And . . .

20 Minute Consultation Call

Fun Welcome Package Sent to You by Mail

8 Awesome Sessions

At Home Assignments

2 to 3 Hypnosis Recordings

Weekly Check-In

2 Questionnaires to make sure your needs are met

Stand Tall Program Cost : 


Payment Plans Available

Hypnosis Only : 5 Sessions


20 Minute Consultation Call

At Home Assignments

1 Hypnosis Recording

Weekly Check-In

5 Hypnosis Sessions :


Payment Plans Available

Sound Healing Only

1 One-Hour Session :

3 Ninety-Minute Sessions :

1 Ninety-Minute Session :

3 One-Hour Sessions :